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**NEW** HELSINKI SEVEN - Division (CD EP) + s/t (CD Album)

Image of **NEW** HELSINKI SEVEN - Division (CD EP) + s/t (CD Album)


2 DIY digipak CD by the english band Helsinki Seven !
16 songs for fans of Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Flying Donuts...

Digital version available here:

Divisions (EP):
Mastered by Mike Major (At The Drive In, Sparta...)

1.Via Salarium
2.Pull The Ripcord
3.Crossing The Rubicon
4.In The Company Of Wolves
5.Touch Pause Engage
6.Hey Navigator

s/t (Album):

1.Transmission For The People
2.Waiting For A Hero
4.Calm After The Storm
5.People Without Faces
7.The Magpie Strikes
8.I'm Spartacus
9.The Trap Is Set
10.Oh Salamander